November Update...

Hey Guys... A lot of you have been asking for travel dates and where I'll be touring next. I took a break from touring because of so many ppl PreBooking and then cancelling or NCNS (no call no snow) the day of appointment. IF guys would give enough TIME for me to email  other gents back and forth, screen them, and time for them to travel to me to take their spot it wouldnt be SUCH a big deal- but that isnt what has been happening lately.

Touring takes a lot of time, effort and money  to do and I just needed to cool down a little because it was gettimg frustrating. Besides the initial room cost (around 300 for 2 days + 50 or 100 incidental  hold that i do get back a week later) I also pay a pet sitter 100 every gas and tolls back and forth. I shell out roughly 450 a trip.(i subtracted the incidental hold because i get that back. But i do have to shell that out too

It just got to that point i guess.... And a lot of other well known. highly reviewed gals are having this SAME problem recently. 

I WILL be touring again in December and will post the dates and towns soon.

** To everyone that is awesome and shows up-  I'm really sorry to take this break. I would have loved to spend time w some of you that asked..and hopefully SOON!!!! 

XoXo Skyler