The travelling any time soon question...

Hey Guys... I know that i havent been travelling recently and I'm sorry about that. With my dog getting older it isnt easy for me to leave overnight anymore. (Sage turned 14 this July 4th) It's just gotten to be too much for anyone but myself to deal with...especially w his size and grumpy ass attitude. He is very stubborn when things don't go his way. He got really sick for a few months and I had to be home for the medicine schedule blah blah. 

❤I would love to travel again soon and can do so as long as I stay close enough to drive home at the end of the night (and drive back way early in the morning for day 2,lol.)

Some places I can go are:

* Toms River or Lakewood

* Long Branch or Eatontown

* Mount Laurel or Cherry Hill

* and maybe somewhere around parkway exit 117 ?

Let me know what yoy think.

XoXo❤ Sky