Email for 1st contact and screening. Calls for old friends ONLY

Intro: manners please

Offering Full Body Sensual Massage & Elite Companionship. Home base in South New Jersey (AC Area) 

❤Thank you so much for the interest in wanting to spend some time with me. Please read through my website carefully to see if I am the gal you are looking for. Here are a few things that I think everyone should know when booking an appt with myself and most other upscale providers.            xoxo,Sky

❤Light screening is required-  For safety reasons, this step cannot be skipped. Please try and put ALL the info needed in the 1st contact email. I'm pretty easy going and don't mind walking you through if you are new to screening...just let me know.

❤Please present donation at beginning of our date- Please leave donation in plain view in envelope,card or gift bag. I really don't like to ask for it, as it takes away from the mood we are trying to create.

❤I am not a clock watcher by any means- But, if you think you might want to extend your time-  Please come prepared. Most people are very good about this,and once in a while we DO go over a few mins getting lost in the moment... BUT there are a few who try to ake advantage. (i.e- save 100 by trying to get an hour out of a 1/2hr session on purpose)

❤Cleanliness is next to Godliness - If coming to my location I will always have clean towels, body wash and a shower if you need to use it before/after. Proper hygiene makes our time together more intimate.If you are a smoker Please just be respectful about it. Use toothbrush & toothpastebefore our session (or the mouthwash that I have at my incall) 

 ❤Phone calls are for old friends only- Email or PM (on one of the boards) is for 1st contact. I have no problem giving my phone # out after  screening is done if needed. 

❤Last min Cancellations/Rescheduling-  If you need to cancel or reschedule an appt,Please give at least 5 hours notice. Please be aware there will be a $50 re-booking fee if not given at least this amount of time.  

❤Being late- I understand sometimes things like traffic are out of our hands. Being a little bit late is okay in that situation. More than 15minutes will come out of the alloted time...especially if  I have another appt that day.

 I can't believe I  even have to write this- but sadly 2 gents (summer of 2017) thought it was ok to bring narcotics with them to my incall. It is NEVER ok to bring drugs with you when coming to see me. Besides the fact that most drugs make it hard for men to perform (and make the session awkward) I just don't want them in my presence. Period. I have been in recovery for over 7 years and would like to keep it that way. Thank You for understanding.

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